For all you hustlers out there. For everybody who puts all his heart into the pursuit of his goal....Whatever your "Hustle" may be.


Love yourself. And love yourself enough to leave situations that make you unhappy..There's no reason to stay. Don't be terrified of change..Or one day you'll look back with regret.


Fibo was an amazing experience for us..We can't express our gratitude in words..for each and everybody who came out..and made it as memorable as it was..We love you. #Blessed


We had an amazing time in Ireland. I believe we all experience some sort of doubt throughout our journey. No matter how "strong" you may seem from the outside. But you have to realize that the obstacles you're facing..are a blessing. They show you what you truly want..and who you truly are


Look back. Where have been 365 days ago? And ask yourself...Where will you be next year, December 31, 2016. Be grateful for everything you've experienced in this year Prepared for all the challenges which will come And Hungry for the Goals you will achieve.. This is your time.


A young man…lost in his thoughts…dreaming of ONE DAY being the best of the world… But it’s a long journey with a lot of obstacles…Will he be strong enough to reach his goals? We don’t know yet..But what we do know is that he’s working hard and does everything he can…to ONE DAY… Live the life he truly deserves…which is even more than everything he deeply desires.

Trick or Treat

In his everyday life he hides behind a mask.. But..once a year..on Halloween..he shows his real face ..and he is hungry..for you. No Inspiration. Just a freak spitting blood.


They see you on the streets...You’re getting labeled as conceited and cold, because you don’t behave like everybody else. They see your and notice your red eyes and your white face. They ask you whether everything is alright…but you don’t answer. You just keep going..the story is too long..they wouldn’t understand it anyways. Your body abandoned long time ago and the only thing keeping you alive is your mind…your unstoppable willpower..this one desire..of finally feel the emotion of standing on stage…at this very moment… And finally he’s there and you’re the last one on stage…they scream your name. The spotlight is on you and you’re looking at the audience..They acclaim..suddenly everybody is smiling but you don’t understand why… But you’re just smiling too and sometime you realize…that everything paid off…in this very moment.


Not too many options when you're coming from the projects. You might be poor.. Your shoes might be broken.. But your a PALAST Create your own reality - Limits become illusions and the impossible becomes possible

Mind Over Matter Trailer

MindOverMatter isn't a simple clothing brand. Everybody who follows a certain passion is supported by us as we offer you clothing with which you can identify yourself and show your uniqueness. We love to see people work hard to make their dreams a reality. This support does not primarily happens through clothing.. It is just a tool to transfer the message behind. We want to help you developing your mindset and to stay focused in achieving your goals. MindOverMatter offers you a platform of the Inspiration and Motivation needed in order to overcome all the obstacles on your journey and never lose faith. This is about more than just a simple piece of fabric…MindOverMatter is a movement.

Blood and Tears

Artur Polutranko, 17 years old, 220kg deadlift 4 weeks out his last show, April 2015. There are no limits except the ones you set up for yourself.

Don’t quit!

When it looks impossible and you are ready to quit..victory is near.

What Is That Something?

What is that something for you? What is it that drives you..becoming better and stronger everyday? What is that something that gives you the power to keep going although you’re tired? That something which is the reason you’re doing the things others can’t What is that something that distinguishes yourself from others and makes you the unique person you are today?


Physically weak..but mentally strong. Long days..Less physical strength anymore…and it’s just your mind that keeps you alive. Ask yourself..How far can you go when you feel physically exhausted?