The Story

The Story behind "MindOverMatter"

I believe every human being has something special within himself. Maybe you don't know it yet, you didn't discover it yet or haven't tried to discover it..but it's there. That "something" drives us, our deepest inner strength, which help us to achieve everything we desire in life.

After my parents got divorced I lived with my mother and saw her working day and night to provide for us. We never had much money and she did everything to fill the fridge and gave me values that are way more important that materialism - Hard and honest work, compassion and forgiveness - and the drive to always follow your heart.

Two years later she moved away and I rarely visited her, because I had a hard time with good byes. I started working when I was 12, distributed the newspaper, trained a under 8y Soccer Team when I was 14 before I started a job in a restaurant when

I was 15 where I washed the dishes over the summer for 13h a day in the basement. Meanwhile I played soccer myself, no too bad in the U17y Bundesliga which was the highest national league at the time and I was on my way to finish school, while i went to the gym - Day in, day out. Every day.

Due to the restless physical stress I got to know the inevitable influence of my mind. How far you can go when you're physically done. The end actually came right after i experienced a mental setback due to love issues and I fell into a deep depression and it destroyed myself mentally and physically. I pretty much wasn't able to get out of bed for the following 6 weeks, suffered from terrible skin issues and felt worthless, because I gave myself up, because I couldn't keep up with the high expectations I had for myself and got knocked down. That time drove me crazy and I couldn't recognize myself in the mirror anymore, but I had to make a decision to get up again.

I cancelt soccer, quitted the job and left everything behind me that made me unhappy. The-Story-2-2 I focused on bodybuilding. The sport fascinated me, because he united the mind with the body and I learned to grow mentally and to become the person, within me, that i aspired to be.

Besides the sport and school I started a few jobs, sold health insurance and contracts for a gym - washed the glasses for a casino until 2am the night, found a flexible job as a contract worker for restaurants and for the local newspaper I packed the papers at night and drove them to the bus stations from where they got delivered to the houses. The-Story-3 The long days and often disrespectful behavior of colleagues and customers woke the urge to get more out of life than this I never lost faith that life had more to offer for me.

Through my clothing I was able to express who I was, it made me feel strong, different. The torn apart shoes in the gym, the statements on my hoodies I wore - It fascinated me how much energy it gave me. The-Story-4-1 More and More I developed the urge to do something on my own and I thought when I was able to feel that energy - there might be some other people who would feel it too. The-Story-4-2 I always kept a journal, like a diary, over that period of time and now transferred my thoughts from it into the designs of my own first pieces of clothing, without any background in business or any idea what im doing really. My thoughts were that when that hoodie gave me so much - Maybe it develop something similar in others.

All I had was invested in building the company, I dissolved every insurance for further education and apprenticeships I had, didn't care much about school and more to gain more time for paying my bills, stored all the goods I bought in my 30sqm one bed room appartment, The-Story-8 walked 2 hours to my job to save patrol money, there I often ate the leftovers out of the trash and for months only soft cheese, water and oatmeal which I mostly paid with pawn bottles. I sacrificed every spare minute for my goal and did many things I can't write here - to create "MindOverMatter" but I don't regret a single step.

Today (February 5, 2019) we ship to 22 countries worldwide, from Japan over New Zealand to Canada and I work with the most popular personalities and biggest brands of the fitness and bodybuilding industry as textile and merchandise manufacturer with reliable partners in Pakistan, China and Germany. Additionally I've build a Fulfillment Center in which I store and ship the goods for my manufacturing partners. The-Story-9

Every setback along the way, like the interesting loss of my restaurant which I founded when I was 20 years old, taught me lessons that make all the difference today and I sincerely wish that everyone who's reading this will never settle for anything less than what he truly deserves. Nobody knows who you are deep within you, not your parents, not your teachers - only you know you you are. And only you are responsible for getting back up on your feet from personal lows, no matter what you're fighting with.

You create your own reality by manifesting your thoughts through your actions. In that reality you decide about any limitations and nobody but you has an impact on how much work and sweat you're putting into your dream - .."One day..all this will pay off"