Be a part of us.

It’s our goal to offer you a platform of inspiration and motivation to reach YOUR goals. In order to do so it’s necessary to surround yourself with people who make you feel unstoppable, people who you can look up to and take advice from when you’re in need. MindOverMatter is not a simple clothing brand and we see us as a family, because each and everyone is an inspiration in him or herself – with your own unique story…Share it!
We’re interested in your journey and so are others. Remember: It doesn’t matter how many people are watching you – never forget that there ARE people watching and looking up to you. Encourage them to keep on working for THEIR dreams, just like you do for yours. 

To take part, send a screenshot of a text or a picture in which you wear the clothing or link the page and represent the movement to or to our Facebook page. On Instagram use the hashtag #mindovermatterfamily. Let us make a difference in the life of somebody else - together, as a family.