Ambassador Program

Do you want to work with MindOverMatter ?

This is a unique opportunity for everyone out there supporting us, no matter where you come from or the size of your social media following.

It’s something we’ve been visualizing for a long time and it will finally become a reality. We get serious inquiries regarding collaborations on a daily basis..and now MindOverMatter is offering you a chance to work with us. What does it mean?

Show us how bad do you want it and be rewarded according to the value you bring to the company.

When you’re a part of our Pursuit Program you’re getting an individual coupon code and according to your revenue you’ll rise up the 4 (5) different ranks of the program.

After the first rank in which you show us that you’re as serious about this collaboration as we are, you have 4 more different ranks from which you will benefit.

The higher the rank, the higher the reward. We do not only talk about cash prices, but about fotoshoots, personalized hoodies, your own motivational video in which you can share your story and invitations to drive to expos with us. (Check the explanations below)

If you’re motivated and confident that you can make it - apply now.

You’ll enjoy direct contact from us throughout the entire process -We’ll support you wherever we can..’cause we want you to be successful.

  • Mentality 1
  • Mentality 2
  • Mentality 3
  • Mentality 4

To apply please send us an email to pursuit@officialmindovermatter.com with the following details:


Date of Birth


Instagram Username

What drives you and what are your goals?

What do you think makes you a great MindOverMatter Ambassador?

We are looking forward to meet you!!