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CLOTHING for people with ambition.

We’re not just a simple clothing brand. We want to give you apparel with which you can identify yourself and which inspires you to reach your goals.

One Day


If you ever found yourself in a situation you had to struggle to come closer to your dream If you ever been in a situation where you had to defy all the odds for a dream that nobody has seen, but you? But despite all that you never doubted that one day…all this will pay off.

The Story


What is the story behind this special brand..What is the story behind Mind Over Matter?

Dreams To Reality | Make A Difference

Dreams To Reality | Make A Difference

Our greatest goal is to make a difference in the life of somebody else. That’s why we’re spending a lot of money for this very cause. Lately we’ve had some beautiful events with a childrens village.



We want to see you winning. That’s why we’re offering you many motivational videos to inspire you on a daily basis to make your dreams come true.



It’s important to always have things around that remind you of your goal. Use these images / wallpapers as screensavers and backgrounds of your mobile, laptop (or whatever) to never lose focus.



We’re blessed to have such an inspiring community full of people working hard to achieve their goals. If you aiming high in life and love it to motivate others around you on their journey..You’re part of the #MindOverMatterFamily

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