The story

Tuesday, 18.08.2015

"..Sometimes you're just sitting in the restaurant freezer room where they store the drinks...You're sitting there on some boxes...Nearly falling asleep..breathing heavy...You don't even feel the coldness..I dont know if i could say that I feel anything. It's just..empty..there's just..nothing..I don't know."

If money was no object. If you could wake up and do what you wanted to do. What would you do today?

If it didn’t matter which profession made the most money. If you didn’t have to worry about paying bills. If you didn’t have to worry about the opinion of your parents and friends. What would you be doing today?

I tell you what I would be doing. I would change the lives of as much people as I can, inspire and encourage them to do what they deeply desire.

My name is Hendrik Schmidt and I’m the founder of MindOverMatter. We’re a clothing company, on the paper, but I call it a movement.

I just got 19 years old and we’re not even one month in the business but already shipped to 8 countries. Everything that happens so far allowed me, 5 weeks after my 19.birthday, to quit my last job and to completely concentrate on my company.

To show you what it means to me to write you this text, I’ll give you a little insight in my still young life.


Humble beginnings

My parents got divorced very early and I lived with my mother. We didn’t have much money, she had 3 jobs and she often donated blood to make sure we had enough food in the fridge for my sister and me. I never saw her sleeping, because she was always up long before me and went to bed long after me. Sometime she moved away and we barely saw each other anymore. I still remember…When I visited her once or twice a year and I left after a few days, she brought me to the train station and her eyes got wet. So the first thing I did when I got in the train I was to look for a place which is not on the window side, because I couldn’t stand to see my mother crying. Because when she cried – so did I.

When I was 12 I started working, delivering the newspaper. At 15 I already had my 3. job. I worked black labor in a restaurant for 5 bucks an hour; often I was doing dishes in the basement, often more than 12 hours a day. At that time I also went to school, played football (Bundesliga) and went to the gym 6x/week. I was young too, suffered under love issues, everybody experiences that. Sometime I broke down under the pressure, was mentally burned out and, got very bad skin issues and deep depression. I stayed in bed for weeks, because I was ashamed. Ashamed of how I felt and how I looked like. I completely lost faith in myself, have given up on myself.

Until then I already trained 4 years. But it was that time when I discovered bodybuilding and it’s real beauty. Many people think it’s all about who has the biggest muscles, picking this up and put them down. No, these are just accessories. This sport is more than just a physical transformation – the greater transformation happens in your mind. Bodybuilding for me became a therapy (it still is). Because of the sport I was able to get up.

Endless hours and hours and hours of work.

Back then I lived a little away from the city and before I had a car I often took with the train, the first one to the city and the last one back home. I always carried 4 bags with me. One for my school stuff, One for my gym stuff, one for my work stuff and a torn plastic bag with all my meals for the day.

Later, just after my 18. Birthday (that was my 4. Job at the same time) I was working as a night courier. I crept out of the house at 1am and went to the transporter which I always parked a street further, so that nobody witnesses something and then until 4am I was packing newspaper together to packages which I dropped at certain stations. In the first issue I delivered, there was the obituary of my grandfather.

I started hating jobs and it increased, I was sick of selling myself short. I never made a lot of money, but I made priceless experiences. I became attracted to the thought that I was capable of more than just…this.

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At the end of December 2014 I started working on MindOverMatter and I became obsessed of it.

I also knew that I needed to live alone, because at that time nobody believed in my dream, but me.

I worked so hard that once I did not sleep at home for an entire week during winter and instead I slept in my car, because I didn’t want to waste time driving home, well it would have been at least 45minutes. Sometime it became too cold and I needed to get the key to an office to sleep on the floor, it was the same office I was working in 4 weeks ago. I felt like I was in heaven, because it was warm.

At that time I washed glasses at a casino until late at night, others bullied me and acted disrespectful - I knew my value - so I didn’t care, because they didn’t know my reasons, they didn’t know who I was because I needed to pay bills for MindOverMatter.

Simultaneously I was prepping for a photoshoot, so I did my cardio right after waking up pre-school and worked out after it – never missed a meal, because I prepped enough and stored them in my car. I regularly passed out in the morning, because I didn’t sleep enough and my body was completely exhausted – I didn’t care, because I knew my goal.

It were 21hour days in average, in school they told me I was lazy and I’d never achieve much, they told me I was “psychically sick” – sometime I just didn’t go there anymore, just for writing my finals and I still graduated better than a lot others..

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The last steps…

Finally, in February, I found a part time job, again, in a restaurant. I directly moved into my first own flat, no matter what it “costs”. I needed to be alone. The first weeks I slept on a mattress on the floor and lived out of garbage bags, ate on the floor out of tupper boxes with stolen knives and forks from the school cafeteria.

In the restaurant I often had the most fucked up tasks, again I was doing dishes often, but I didn’t care, because I knew the finish line is near.

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They say: “If you got a dream, you need to invest every extra penny in it” – I invested everything, because this is my life.

I invested everything in my company, everything!

I was used to live on a budget, but it shrank and shrank…Sometime it shrank from eating rice&chicken and yoghurt & oats to just yoghurt & oats and then..I was just eating everything, because I was hungry.

..I walked each and every of my trips I needed to make, because I didn’t want to spend money on gas

..Accordingly I was walking over 1,5 hrs to work no matter how early, late at night, or whether or not it rained.

..Once there was a night when I headed to the gym and in the staircase I saw an already opened protein bar laying on the stairs…I looked around and just ate it.

..As the Restaurant closed and nobody was watching I grabbed a garbage bag and got every pawn can I found and put it in my bag to buy some yoghurt the next morning.

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“The greatest battle is mostly right before your breakthrough”

..Today I’m living many of my dreams.

A lot of these incredible messages reach me on a daily basis. People tell me that I inspired them… and that means more to me than any money in the world. I never had money, but these messages fill me with endless gratitude… and this feeling is priceless.

You can read those stories with your eyes…but never be able to feel the emotions with your heart. For a long time I keep a diary to witness the change and development of my mindset and to keep in mind all the memories which I experiences on my journey.

Many people wish me success, often they mean material things. I tell them that I already am successful, because my success is not measured by the amount of money I got in my bank account, but by the number of lives I had a positive influence on.

Now the time has come...and we’re going to write history. (Oct' 2015)– together.

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